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Chapter 24 - Requests for Proposals and Competitive Negotiations

Chapter highlights:

Purpose: This chapter presents guidance for planning, issuing, evaluating and negotiating information technology (IT) requests for proposals (RFPs) based on competitive negotiations. It also provides general information on solution-based and performance-based IT projects.

Key points:

  • Competitive negotiation is VITA's recommended procurement method when an agency has a defined IT need and is requesting suppliers to propose the best solution to meet that need.
  • Commit adequate time and resources to gather data for developing the RFP's business, functional and technical requirements.
  • It is essential that IT procurement professionals understand the complete cost of a technology-based business solution.

In this chapter

24.2 Solution-based RFPs and performance-based contracting
24.3 Pre-RFP activities
24.4 Confidentiality
24.5 Preparing an RFP
24.8 Events that may occur during the posting period
24.9 Cancelling the RFP
24.10 Receipt and distribution of proposals
24.14 Evaluation and scoring of proposals

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