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Chapter 24 - Requests for Proposals and Competitive Negotiations

24.14 Evaluation and scoring of proposals

24.14.10 Update executive steering committee (if appropriate)

Once the total value/cost rationale of each solution is determined, the evaluation team will make a recommendation to the executive steering committee (if appropriate). This recommendation is based on the team consensus achieved through reviewing the results of the testing, pilot or site visits, and total solution cost analysis and preliminary contract negotiations.

While the evaluation team will present the initial recommendation to the executive steering committee, SMEs may participate and assist if necessary. The executive steering committee cannot select or affect the recommendation since this must be a data-driven decision; however, they may, at this stage in the procurement process, agree to proceed, request more information or may end the project.

The SPOC is responsible for ensuring that the executive steering committee is fully and accurately informed of the recommended solution, and that they approve the recommendation prior to proceeding with final negotiations. If the executive steering committee requests more information, the SPOC is responsible for obtaining and conveying the requested information to them.

If approval is granted, the business owner ensures that funding documents are fully executed before proceeding with final negotiations. The executive steering committee (if appropriate) provides the appropriate management concurrence of the recommended supplier with confirmation of authorized funding. Short, concise updates to the executive steering committee throughout the RFP process may streamline approval of the initial recommendation.

Key negotiation question:

  • Did the suppliers raise new issues that need to be covered in the negotiation plan?

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