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Virginia Cybersecurity Planning Committee

About Virginia Cybersecurity Planning Committee (VCPC)

The VCPC is charged with:

  • Assisting with the development, implementation and revision of the cybersecurity plan;
  • Approving the cybersecurity plan;
  • Assisting with the determination of effective funding priorities;
  • Coordinating with other committees and like entities with the goal of maximizing coordination and reducing duplication of effort;
  • Creating a cohesive planning network that builds and implements cybersecurity preparedness initiatives using FEMA resources, as well as other federal, state, local and tribal, private sector and faith-based community resources;
  • Ensuring investments support closing capability gaps or sustaining capabilities; and
  • Ensuring local government members, including representatives from counties, cities and towns within the eligible entity provide consent on behalf of all local entities across the eligible entity for services, capabilities or activities provided by the eligible entity through this program.

Current Members of the VCPC

Members are appointed by the Governor in accordance with Item 93 for a term of 4 years. At least one half of the representatives of the Cybersecurity Planning Committee must have professional experience relating to cybersecurity or information technology. 



Expiration Date

Michael Watson, Chair

Chief Information Security Officer of the Commonwealth, Virginia Information Technologies Agency

October 31, 2026

Michael Dent, Vice Chair

Chief Information Security Officer, Fairfax County Department of Information Technology  

October 31, 2026

Diane Carnohan

Chief Information Security Officer, Virginia Department of Education

October 31, 2026

Robbie Coates

Director, Grant Management and Recovery, VDEM

October 31, 2026

Adrian Compton

Tribal Administrator, Monacan Indian Nation

October 31, 2026

Charles DeKeyser

Major, Virginia Army National Guard

October 31, 2026

Brenna Doherty

Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Legislative Automated Systems, Commonwealth of Virginia


October 31, 2026

Derek Kestner

Information Security Officer, Supreme Court of Virginia

October 31, 2026

Charles Huntley

Director of Technology, County of Essex

October 31, 2026

Beth Burgin Waller

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Practice, Woods Rogers Vandeventer Black

October 31, 2026

Wesley Williams

Executive Director of Technology, Roanoke City Public Schools

October 31, 2026

Glendon Schmitz

Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services

October 31, 2026

Brandon Smith

Chief Information Officer, Department of Elections

October 31, 2026

Kenneth Pfeil

Chief Data Officer, Office of Data Governance and Analytics

October 31, 2026

Lisa Walbert Deputy Secretary of Public Safety and Homeland Security

October 31, 2026

Uma Marques

Information Technology Director, Roanoke County Government

October 31, 2026


Contact Information

The Cybersecurity Planning Committee can be reached at: