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COV Cloud

COV Cloud

cloud, cov grade icon

The COV Cloud mark indicates that public cloud offerings have approved workloads​ and services.

This will simplify the agency process for moving data and processes to the public cloud. COV Cloud includes support to ensure agencies are properly selecting the best cloud service for their needs. The program is expected to launch later this year.

COV Cloud currently includes:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Coming soon:

  • Launch Azure procurement for managed cloud supplier​
  • Relaunch Oracle/Google initiatives
  • Offer COV Cloud to localities and other non-executive branch public bodies (launch at COVITS)​

What value does this COV product offer to agencies/customers?

This launch will allow COV to leapfrog the modernization of our infrastructure to current market state, which in turn will open new opportunities for reducing cost, improving operational capabilities and adopting innovative business solutions. Additionally, it will also remove the infrastructure and cybersecurity as a constraint to agencies from taking a cloud-smart approach.