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Commonwealth Banner

Updated Branding Bar

The required branding bar provides a unified branding for all state agency websites.

The new branding bar seeks to improve upon the existing branding bar aesthetically and functionally, and it provides unified branding for all state agency websites.

The branding bar is available for download at

Improving functionality and unifying agency websites

The updated branding bar will feature a new logo, larger profile, agency names, top services and an enterprise wide search for all state agencies. This will allow a citizen to easily move from one website to the next.

webmod-branding bar


Increased security - How do you know dropdown

webmod-brandingbar Know dropdown


Services & Resources Navigation Design (future rollout)

The “Services & Resources” section provides quick access to a variety of popular categories commonly sought after throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. This allows users on any agency website faster access to all of the services and resources provided by the Commonwealth.

webmod-brandingbar Services Nav


Search Function (future rollout)

The “Search” feature provides a global search to quickly provide inter-agency information to the user.

webmod-branding bar search




The Website Branding Package