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Chapter 5 - Ethics in Public Procurement

Chapter highlights:

Purpose: This chapter sets forth background information and policy that should be followed by agencies and institutions. Adherence to this policy will ensure compliance with statutory regulations, protect the trust established between procurement officials and citizens of the Commonwealth, and establish fair and equal treatment of all suppliers who are interested in doing business with the Commonwealth.

Key points:

  • VITA is committed to developing procurement policies and maintaining procurement processes which are fair, ethical, non-biased and in strict compliance with the laws of the Commonwealth.
  • Procurement professionals have the responsibility to ensure that all information and documentation relative to the development of a solicitation or contractual document for a proposed procurement or anticipated contractual award remains confidential until successful completion of the procurement process.

In this chapter

5.1 Responsibilities of Commonwealth procurement professionals and project team members involved in an IT procurement
5.3 Additional statutory prohibitions regarding contributions and gifts

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