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Chapter 1 - VITA's Purpose and Scope

Chapter highlights:

Purpose: This chapter outlines VITA's statutory procurement authority for information technology (IT) and telecommunications goods and services as well as VITA's responsibility to establish IT and telecommunications procurement policies, standards and guidelines.

Key points:

  • VITA has IT procurement authority for all executive branch agencies and institutions of higher education that are not specifically exempted from VITA's authority.
  • VITA has statutory governance/oversight responsibilities for certain Commonwealth IT projects and procurements.
  • Only VITA can establish statewide IT contracts.
  • Judicial and legislative branch as well as independent agencies are not subject to VITA's procurement authority.

In this chapter

1.5 Procurements subject to VITA's IT procurement authority
1.7 Authority to contract for IT goods and services
1.8 CIO approval required for certain IT procurements via the Procurement Governance Review (PGR) process

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