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E-Rate Funding Year 2024

The E-Rate program (i.e., Universal Service Schools and Libraries Program) allows schools and libraries to make purchases of Internet access, telecommunications services, and related equipment at significantly discounted rates (20% to 90%).

In order to apply for E-Rate discounts using VITA state master contracts, you should:

  • Use the VITA FCC Form 470 (for those for which VITA filed one)
  • If you use VITA state master contracts for E-Rate, you do not have to do an FCC Form 470 and wait 28 days. You can do a “mini-bid” and save time and resources. The mini-bid procedure is on the Virginia Department of Education E-Rate web page.
  • File an FCC Form 471

VITA Contracts for E-Rate Eligible Services

VITA has pre-qualified some of its contracts (i.e., “state master contracts”) with FCC Form 470s so you don't have to file your own. Such state master contracts include those for Category 1 services such as the VITAnet contracts (contract numbers VA-151028-CTL and VA-151028-MCI) and a number of Broadband Internet contracts; and several contracts for E-rate “Category 2” services (a.k.a. “Internal Connections”) including wired and wireless networking equipment and cabling services. When you use VITA's FCC Form 470 (numbers shown below) there is no need to wait 28 days to file your Form 471. However, applicants using VITA's FCC Form 470 numbers should retain a copy of the contract in their documentation before filing a Form 471. 

Category 1 Services (Data Transmission Services and/or Internet Access)

Below is information on VITA’s popular broadband Internet contracts and VITA’s other E-rate category 1 services and the information needed for block five on Form 471. Please note: There is no Form 470 on file for VITA’s contract for local telephone service from Verizon Virginia (VA-170929-VZVA) so any entity wishing to use it for E-rate eligible services would need to file its own.

VITA Broadband Internet Contracts

VITA filed FCC Form 470 #200000187 for the contracts listed below.

Contract information page:  Broadband Services Contracts

Please contact VDOE E-Rate support at, or 804-786-9281, if you need additional guidance on VITA state master contracts for E-Rate Category 1 broadband for the upcoming Funding Year.

Additional Contracts for Category 1 Services (Data Transmission Services and/or Internet Access)

Contract description: VITAnet telecommunications & network services (Replacement contracts for COVANET contract with Verizon business)
Form 470 application number: 887320001134227
Allowable contract date: April 22, 2013
Award date:  October 28, 2015
Start date:  October 28, 2015
End date:  October 27, 2025 (Fifth optional renewal term).

Category 1 services are provided without minimum service terms.

Description: VITAnet – voice, data, video and Internet network services and related, managed equipment; long distance voice services

CenturyLink Communications
(FKA Qwest Communications)
Contract number: VA-151028-CTL
SPIN: 143001157

Verizon Business Network Services
(on behalf of MCI Communications)
Contract number:  VA-151028-MCI
SPIN: 143001197

Category 2 Services (e.g., "Internal Connections," "Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections")

VITA Statewide Networking Equipment Contracts

VITA filed FCC Form 470 # 220000042 for its statewide contracts for Networking Equipment, Products and Services (e.g., E-Rate Category 2 Services including “Internal Connections” and “Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections” such as routers, switches, wireless networking components, etc.).

VITA Statewide Telecommunications Cabling Services Contracts 

VITA has established Statewide Telecommunications Cabling Services contracts to allow schools and libraries to issue “mini-bids” for the E-rate eligible cabling services they offer (e.g., E-Rate Category 2 Services “Internal Connections” and “Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections” including structured network cabling systems and associated materials, pathways, components, etc.). The contracts are associated with VITA’s FCC Form 470 # 220000461.

This document, also included as a link at the bottom of each individual contract’s summary information page under “Files/Attachments,” provides additional, useful information about these contracts, including their geographic availability.

Note: Category 2 Services (i.e., "Internal Connections," "Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections") may be delivered and performed after the date of expiration of the contract as long as they are ordered prior to such date. Similarly, all terms and conditions relevant to products and services ordered prior to the data of expiration of the contract remain in full force and effect, including those regarding any support, maintenance and warranties.


For additional information on VITA telecommunications and Internet services contact the VITA Customer Care Center at 1 (866) 637-8482 or