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Mission Statement

To deliver sustainable and effective results to our customers through innovative, efficient and secure services.

Our Vision: To be Virginia's most customer-focused technology partner, empowering the Commonwealth to achieve more through innovative, efficient and secure technology.

Our Tagline: Connecting - Protecting - Innovating

VITA provides outstanding service and technology solutions to support customers and address their business needs.

The Virginia Information Technologies Agency appreciates the opportunity to serve the Commonwealth’s more than 60 executive branch state agencies and 55,000 state employees, equipping and empowering agency colleagues to serve Virginia’s 8.6 million residents and many more visitors.


We take ownership for delivering on defined outcomes, being transparent and responsible for the decisions we make.

Inclusive Collaboration

We engage diverse individuals and teams from VITA, customers and suppliers to develop solutions together and foster mutually beneficial partnerships.

Growth Mindset

We embrace challenges and opportunities for growth, striving to discover innovative solutions and never accepting the status quo.


We work decisively to deliver solutions by taking a data-driven approach that creates value for the Commonwealth.


We are dedicated to accomplishing our mission by delivering timely and innovative solutions for our customers despite challenges.

The Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) is the Commonwealth's consolidated information technology organization. VITA's responsibilities fall into four primary categories:

  • Governance and protection of the Commonwealth's information security programs in support of the responsibilities of the Chief Information Officer of the Commonwealth;
  • Operation of the IT infrastructure for the executive branch agencies declared by the legislature to be in-scope to VITA;
  • Governance of IT investments in support of the duties and responsibilities of the Information Technology Advisory Council and the Chief Information Officer of the Commonwealth;
  • Procurement of technology for VITA and on behalf of other state agencies and institutions of higher education.

Strategic Business Plan

VITA published its most recent Strategic Business Plan in March 2023. The plan outlines the agency’s strategic goals, seven strategic initiatives, the strategic process and how each initiatives drives toward achieving each of VITA’s three overarching goals.

Read the VITA Strategic Business Plan.

Goals and Objectives

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1. Partner with customers to develop positive customer experiences and achieve business outcomes through technology


  • 1.1  Provide inclusive feedback opportunities to actively incorporate the customer's voice
  • 1.2  Serve customers as a strategic partner that helps them achieve their agency mission
  • 1.3  Build and protect a brand associated with excellent customer service and transparency
  • 1.4  Enhance a customer success model to optimize business outcomes for customers
  • 1.5  Promote modern technology services
2. Invest in and empower our people to foster a customer-oriented and innovative workforce


  • 2.1  Foster a culture of inclusion, engagement, growth and innovation
  • 2.2  Enhance training and development programs to empower our workforce and develop the next generation of technology leadership
  • 2.3  Invest in tools and technology to support a hybrid model of work
  • 2.4  Encourage innovative business practices to increase efficiency and improve customer service
3. Address risk, seize opportunities and mitigate costs through proactive governance


  • 3.1  Anticipate ever-evolving threats to ensure the Commonwealth's technology systems and data remain secure and available
  • 3.2  Maximize the return on the Commonwealth's technology investments through innovation, stewardship and effective management
  • 3.3  Leverage data and technologies from across the Commonwealth to create shared-opportunities of value and optimize the enterprise
  • 3.4  Identify, quantify and mitigate risk to ensure effective business operations

VITA Enabling Legislation

With the 2003 release of the COV Strategic Plan for IT and passage of House Bill 1926 (Nixon) and Senate Bill 1247 (Stosch), the Commonwealth embarked on one of the most sweeping reforms of information technology in the nation. VITA's statutes and structure have changed significantly over time. For the current version of VITA statutes, see Chapter 20.1 of Title 2.2 of the Code of Virginia via the Legislative Information System.

For recent legislation related to VITA and other related information, see VITA's Legal and Legislative Services page.