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This glossary supports the content of Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) Information Technology Resource Mangement (ITRM) documents. The intent is to replace individual glossaries in existing COV ITRM documents with a single comprehensive ITRM glossary that shall be referenced by those documents.

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Much of the information within this document was liberally borrowed from several highly recommended internet sources including:


Several glossary entries have more than one meaning. "Authorization" means something from a security perspective that is very different from what it means from a project management/technology management perspective. This document identifies the context of the entry when different meanings are depending on the ITRM perspective. The different ITRM perspectives are documented as follows: "Context: (ITRM perspective)."



Context: (Security). The process of granting access to data or information system by the designated authority after proper identification and authentication.

Context: (Technology Management). The power granted by management to specified individuals allowing them to approve transactions, procedures, or total systems.