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Chapter 34 - IT Contract Administration

Chapter highlights:

Purpose: This chapter provides discussion of post-award contract administration of IT procurements.

Key points:

  • The process of contract administration begins with the solicitation documentation and continues through from the time of contract award until the work has been completed and accepted, any disputes or adjustments have been resolved, final payment has been made and the contract is formally closed out.
  • The contract administrator must understand all activities expected of him/her, based on the agency's protocol and in relation to the complexity and requirements of the specific IT contract.
  • The contract administrator should read and become familiar with the contractual documents in order to establish a schedule of activities for ensuring compliance by both parties to the contract—the supplier and the agency.
  • A successful contract is equally dependent on post-award administration as it is on a well-written statement of work or rigid performance standards.
  • Should any claims and disputes arise for either party during contract performance, accessibility to the contract administration file documents may be of paramount importance. Therefore, it is critical that all documentation regarding contract actions, supplier performance and agency performance are maintained and accessible.

In this chapter

34.1 General contract administration
34.3 Modification processing and administration
34.4 Conduct contract closeout
34.5 Conduct contract retirement

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