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Chapter 24 - Requests for Proposals and Competitive Negotiations

Appendix B: Checklist of Issues to Resolve Before and During RFP Preparation

Issue number

Issues/questions to resolve Yes No
1 Has the agency accepted that we must use "best value" methodology in this acquisition?    
2 Has the agency included requirements and links in the RFP for VITA-required ITRM PSGs for Security, Data Standards, Enterprise Architecture and IT accessibility and Section 508 compliance? How will these requirements affect the specifications/requirements in the RFP? What is the emergency or back up plan for standby commodities or services?    
3 Has the agency determined any constraints on RFP flexibility as a result of full or partial federal funding?    
4 Has the agency considered Commonwealth strategic objectives and ensured there is no potential conflict?    
5 Has the agency considered all legacy systems and interface requirements that will be affected by this project and taken all associated risks into account? Are these systemic relationships clearly defined in the RFP?    
6 Would this be an appropriate procurement to designate as a set-aside for DSBSD-certified small businesses, including small businesses owned by women, minorities and service disabled veterans as well as micro businesses? Has the agency analyzed the impact of the RFP process on these small businesses to remove barriers and limitations? Can the RFP be structured to promote the inclusion of small businesses in the solution? Would a supplier be able to form a consortium of smaller suppliers to submit one proposal in response to an RFP? Does the RFP include a requirement to submit a Supplier Procurement and Subcontracting Plan?    
7 Has the agency determined if subcontractors may be used? How will they be identified? What are reporting requirements for subcontracting?    
8 Avoid discouraging brand specifications. In PC RFPs, brand names cannot be used in specifications. Is the project equipment required to be a certain brand name or would an equivalent suffice? Will the RFP allow suppliers to propose multiple options to provide the solution to the same functional requirement? If so, RFP should state that each option will be fully considered by the evaluation team prior to the evaluation of the full proposals.    
9 Has the customer analyzed potential supplier management issues and contract management issues if contracts will be offered to multiple suppliers?    
10 Risk of loss – What are the insurance (i.e., errors and omissions, cyber security liability) and performance or surety bond requirements of the project? Bonds are not generally used for IT procurements.    
11 Has the agency established objective evaluation and weighting criteria and developed the evaluation scoring? The criteria must be available to bidders in the RFP or by amendment prior to proposal due date.    
12 If the RFP will contain a SOW process, has the SOW been defined? Has a SOW template been prepared?    
13 What type of contract will be utilized and what terms and conditions are negotiable or not negotiable? Are there special IT or federal terms and conditions that need to be included and are these negotiable? Are there special data protection/access/security/backup terms that need to be included to align with the requirements? If this is a Software as a Service (SaaS) procurement, have required approvals been given by CIO and does the RFP sufficiently address SaaS requirements and include SaaS terms and conditions?    
14 Has the agency planned how the project should be implemented, what deliverables and milestones the supplier will be expected to meet?    
15 What are the invoice and payment specifications? Are payments tied to delivery or milestones? Should payment holdbacks be included as an incentive to the supplier and a protection to the agency? Are there discounts/penalties to be applied if delivery or milestones are not met?    
16 What will the supplier need to supply for record keeping and reporting? What needs to be reported, how often and to whom?    
17 Has the agency established clear and sufficient metrics and performance measures to include in the contract to measure project success and supplier's performance? Will the contract contain benchmarking of price and/or performance?    
18 What changes to performance and/or contract specifications would require a formal contract amendment? Will any performance and/or payment time frames continue beyond the contract term and if so, how will they be managed?    
19 What are the agency's requirements for the contract and/or project manager(s)?    

Did we address and include these:

  • Supplier Procurement and Subcontracting Plan requirement

  • What certifications, licenses or statutory requirements will supplier have to meet and/or provide?

21 Supplier must show proof of Workers Compensation insurance and other insurance.    

Have we conducted a quality review to remove redundancies, conflicting language/terms and ambiguous statements/requirements?

  • Have we scheduled sufficient time in the RFP timeline to obtain all required reviews or approvals by VITA, OAG or other (i.e., federal reviews)?
23 Have we included all Code of Virginia requirements for determining if the procurement/project is designated as a High-Risk solicitation/contract in accordance with § 2.2-4303.01?    

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