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VITA Culture

We cultivate a supportive, welcoming, inclusive and fair work environment that allows employees to feel connected to the agency’s mission and contribute to their full potential.

VITA currently has a talented and diverse workforce, but we are always looking to expand and grow. In fact, additional workforce investment is needed to fully realize the benefits of the multi-supplier model and complete the transformation that VITA has begun in the last few years.

That’s why we’re making it a priority to focus on hiring the best and the brightest to help carry out our mission to serve our 65 executive agencies, 55,000 state employees and Virginia’s 8.6 million residents.


At VITA, we recognize that our people are our most important asset. We also recognize that diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to the agency’s ability to effectively carry out its mission. These fundamental and value-enhancing tenets of our mission-oriented culture dictate that we continuously work to attract, hire, develop and retain high-quality, diverse talent.

As part of our efforts to facilitate change, we created the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee which is composed of VITA employees who have a shared passion and interest in working to create a culture of high performance that leverages diversity as a strength and strives for equity to empower all employees. The committee initiates and oversees activities designed to fully integrate diversity, equity and inclusion into the strategic decision-making of the agency, enhance organizational effectiveness and meet future opportunities.

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Gwen A. - Service Management Manager

Marcy T. - Customer Account Manager