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Business Platform Solutions

We provide innovative and cost-effective services to executive branch agencies.

The goal of business platform solutions (BPS) is to provide innovative, cost effective, on-demand Software as a Service (SaaS) applications to the executive branch agencies that enable key value-add capabilities such as increased productivity, speed, efficiency, high performance and security without any agency management or oversight needed. These services allow our customers to better connect, protect and innovate when serving the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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New services and features are now available

We have added more services and features! Read more by clicking on tabs and check back often for updates to our business automation solutions. Visit VITA Catalog Services List for a short description of each service available in the service catalog. Learn about How to order VITA services.

Box 10GB limited storage option

VITA is pleased to offer a new lower cost Box content management (BCM) service offering – 10GB limited storage. This new license option is available in the service catalog utilizing the current Box catalog form. A new e-signature option is now included with the service - Box Sign - and is available to all Box customers at no added cost. Box Sign allows users to send unlimited documents for e-signatures without the need for another application. Note: Agencies must subscribe to VITA's BCM service either unlimited or 10GB limited storage option in order to use Box Sign. 

Learn more about Box Sign

New learning opportunities!

VITA is hosting the following upcoming learning opportunities for Commonwealth employees. Registration is required.  

  • Learning Pathways, VITA's learning hub for Microsoft 365 and Power Platform products, is live and available for COV staff to utilize. Visit today!

Please visit training opportunities to learn more.   

Low-code application platform (LCAP) service

Low-code application platform (LCAP) Power Platform service is a line of business intelligence (BI), app development and app connectivity software applications to bring ease and innovation to low-code app development and automation. The service is integrated with the Azure AD platform and will allow agencies to automate processes, build solutions, analyze data and create virtual agents. The Power Platform service consists of Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI (business intelligence), Power Virtual Agents (PVA), Project Online and Dynamics 365 components.

Learn more in the Power Platform FAQs


Stay tuned for new services

The VITA BPS team is exploring new opportunities and services for the Commonwealth. We will share information here when available. Please check back for updates! 

Service Offerings

Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings

ePen (DocuSign) - VITA ePen is an electronic signature (e-signature) that will allow agencies to add branding and securely obtain signatures on electronic documents (e.g. .pdf and Microsoft products ). E-signatures have layers of security and authentication built into them, along with court-admissible proof of transaction. DocuSign is the only enterprise cloud oversight service (ECOS) approved e-signature solution in the Commonwealth and has been approved by Commonwealth Security to store and transmit sensitive data such as HIPAA and PII with internal and external stakeholders. 

Common uses for VITA ePen:

  • Digitize citizen- or employee-facing forms
  • Build document workflows for review, acknowledgement and approvals
  • Capture digital signatures
  • Delegated signing - enables users to assign a delegate to sign on their behalf.  Available at no additional cost.
  • Remote online notarization (RON) -  notarize a document remotely through the use of electronic signature, identity verification, audio-visual and electronic notarial journal and record keeping technologies. 

Learn more about VITA ePen

Learn more about delegated signing

Learn about VITA ePen use case opportunities

Learn more about remote online notarization through DocuSign

To add VITA ePen, agencies must complete the VITA service catalog request form.   

Box content management system - Box is a cloud-based, user-centric platform that enables users to easily share, manage and secure their content using any device. With Box, agencies can reduce IT costs, leverage unlimited data storage at no additional cost, and improve security and privacy of information sharing. Box is compliant with the IT security and privacy requirements of the Commonwealth of Virginia (COV).

Key features of Box: 

  • COV users can access Box using a web browser, desktop or mobile device.
  • Easy to use and provides a seamless way to manage and collaborate on content.
  • File actions include upload, download, preview, editing and commenting.
  • Files are securely stored in folders.

Box is integrated with many enterprise applications, including Microsoft Office, Gmail and others. This allows users to securely store and edit content with other users in common applications. Box enterprise offers unlimited storage. 

Learn more about the Box service offering

To add Box, agencies must complete the VITA service catalog request form. Box is a 1-year commitment. 

Robotic process automation (UiPath) - Robotic process automation (RPA) is a service used for software applications that partially or fully automate human activities that are rule-based, manual and repetitive. RPA is the technology that gives agencies a low-code/no-code way to train and deploy a “robot” or digital worker/assistant that emulates human interactions across digital systems, to execute business processes at machine speed and with 100% accuracy. 

As RPA only mimics human interactions with systems, RPA doesn’t store any agency data. The only exception are artifacts of the account creation within Automation Cloud, which include login credentials and logs.

The following RPA services, and functionality, are available in the VITA service catalog:

  • Unattended Robots – Robot license type that allows for automation without a user’s assistance
  • Attended Robots – Robot license that assists a user’s function with repetitive tasks
  • Non-Production – Robot license type that allows for non-production testing of automation functions
  • Studio – Annual license type that allows for the development of scripts for the robotic processes

Learn more about RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) whitepaper

To add RPA, agencies must complete the VITA service catalog request form. RPA is a 1-year commitment. 


Solutioning services offerings

  • Business platform solutions (BPS) consulting - Provides development for the Office 365 platform (SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive) as well as other available SaaS applications in the service catalog. Agencies can also learn how to develop and maintain these solutions in house, if desired.
  • VITA business platform solutions governance and oversight - Includes security and hardening standards and reviews as well as application integration and new functionality requests for existing SaaS services in the service catalog.
  • Request for solution (RFS) - Gives agencies a way to provide requirements for a solution or service that is not in or are not able to be requested using the  service catalog.

Did you know VITA business platform solutions can integrate?

Potential integrations available:

  Microsoft  Box Docusign RPA* Google
Power Platform*          

*Requires an API solution for the integration