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Chapter 24 - Requests for Proposals and Competitive Negotiations

24.14 Evaluation and scoring of proposals

24.14.3 Evaluation team (ET) meetings

The SPOC will coordinate and facilitate all evaluation meetings in an ADA accessible location. ET members must participate in all evaluation segments, including any demonstrations, onsite visits, etc. The SPOC will document the review of the ET and the scoring for each proposal evaluated. A master-scoring sheet should be compiled by the SPOC with the consensus score for each proposal. The evaluation team shall reach consensus on which proposals meet the minimum functional and technical requirements, scoring them based on all pre-established evaluation criteria. The consensus is reached among the evaluators. Only team members may assign or vote on points. All team members are expected to be present and to take an official vote. If none of the proposals meet the minimum functional, technical, and schedule requirements, the ET will decide whether to end the evaluation process at this point.

If such a decision is made, refer to section 24.9.2, Cancellation after Proposal Due Date, and section 24.13, Modifying or Adding RFP Requirements after Proposal Due Date, for further guidance.

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