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Chapter 24 - Requests for Proposals and Competitive Negotiations

24.5 Preparing an RFP

24.5.8 Supplier evaluation criteria

The qualifications and experience of the supplier are crucial to the success of the project. The following evaluation criteria may assist agencies in determining which suppliers would be most beneficial to the project:

  • Past performance with similar projects and past performance of supplier's proposed personnel, consultants, or subcontractors who are specified to be assigned to the project.

  • Experience with similar projects including a record of recent past performance of similar projects of similar scope.

  • Performance on similar contracts with respect to such factors as control of costs, quality of the work, and the ability to meet schedules. Supplier reliability and past performance can be verified by contacting proposed references and other government and commercial customers.

  • Availability to perform the project or provide the needed goods and services within the agency's time frame. Supplier should have the personnel, equipment, and facilities to perform the services currently available or demonstrated to be made available at the time of contract award. This criterion should include considering the current and projected workloads of the supplier that would affect its ability to perform the required work on schedule, and the availability of key personnel to be assigned to the project.

  • Reputation for personal and professional integrity and competency.

  • Financial strength and stability. Supplier's financial capability can be verified by obtaining a credit rating service report or obtaining certified financial statements.

  • Proposed quality control plan (QCP), if applicable.

  • Record of compliance with public policy issues and statutory requirements.

  • Status as a DSBSD-certified small business or prime supplier's planned use of small businesses

  • Record of compliance with small business subcontracting plan requirements

  • Record of satisfactory performance and contract compliance on previous contracts with VITA or the Commonwealth, if any.

  • Interviewing suppler key personnel

  • Short-listed supplier presentations

If the acquisition is aimed at contracting with a service provider, below are some additionally recommended best practice evaluation criteria:

  • Supplier's process maturity and competence

  • Supplier's vertical knowledge, approach to performing the contract or meeting the service level requirements

  • Supplier's proposed geographic coverage. If supplier will subcontract for portions of the geographic coverage, validate the competence, knowledge and experience of the proposed subcontractors

  • Supplier's project management abilities and proposed management plan

  • Supplier's infrastructure capabilities and software product knowledge

  • Supplier's organizational change management skills and implementation tools

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