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ITIM Training Materials

These training materials provide understanding of IT Investment Management (ITIM) - the structured process the Commonwealth uses to manage technology investments, to ensure IT aligns with business needs and to maximize return on investments.

Introduction to IT Investment Management

Provides a general understanding of the ITIM concept and how it is implemented in the Commonwealth at the enterprise level.

Commonwealth IT Investment Management Standard

Below are templates for agencies to use when educating staff about ITIM. We recommend customizing presentations to your audience. We have provided some examples of ITIM at work in the Commonwealth today. You may use these, or create some examples of ITIM at work in your agency.

The full presentation includes all ITIM Standard materials and additional references. We recommend using it as a reference guide and to draw materials for creating a custom presentation for your audience.

We used the full presentation to design training materials for executives, business managers and non-IT staff, and IT staff and project managers. Download the PowerPoint version to customize your presentation.