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Chapter 24 - Requests for Proposals and Competitive Negotiations

24.8 Events that may occur during the posting period

24.8.1 Pre-proposal conference

When the PPT elects to conduct a pre-proposal conference or teleconference, it is held prior to the proposal due date. The conference is open to all suppliers. It is recommended that a pre-proposal conference not be designated as mandatory unless absolutely critical, as it may discourage suppliers from responding to the RFP. Conferences may be held in person at a selected site or be conducted via teleconference or other available meeting technologies that are accessible to all interested suppliers. The SPOC schedules and coordinates any pre-proposal conference. The pre-proposal conference invitation may limit the number of attendees per supplier. The PPT members agree to specific roles in responding to questions during the conference.

  • SPOC: The SPOC may request that suppliers submit written questions at least three business days in advance of the pre-proposal conference. The SPOC shall contact the PPT members and obtain responses to all submitted questions for presentation at the pre-proposal conference. The SPOC shall make the necessary hosting arrangements and lead the pre-proposal conference.
  • SMEs & business owner: The SMEs and business owner shall respond to questions submitted by the suppliers in writing through the SPOC in a timely matter during the posting period.
  • Suppliers: Suppliers must notify the SPOC of their intent to attend, and submit questions in advance of attending the conference. When applicable, the deliverable is a completed pre-proposal conference, with all suppliers receiving documented answers to all submitted questions.
  • PPT: The PPT should make every effort to create a level playing field for all suppliers by providing equal access to information. The PPT should take advantage of the pre-proposal conference to reinforce the importance of the SPOC during the entire procurement process.

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