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Chapter 24 - Requests for Proposals and Competitive Negotiations

24.14 Evaluation and scoring of proposals

24.14.5 Conduct in-depth evaluation

In complex procurements, the SPOC may schedule and conduct fact-finding discussions with each supplier on the short list to clarify their offers prior to developing the negotiation strategy. The SPOC is also responsible for coordinating and documenting the completion of the cost analyses and presentation, demonstration, site visit and/or testing results, if any, prior to developing the negotiation strategy. This documentation should include a complete understanding of the offers, to include all segments of the evaluation process. All documentation related to the evaluation must be maintained in the procurement file.

The key point to remember at this stage in the sourcing process is the value of coordinating the results of the evaluations, presentation/demonstration/testing/site visit results and total solution cost analyses in regard to the project’s budget. All results must be kept confidential within the ET. It is in the Commonwealth’s best interest that all side discussions and social outings with contending suppliers be avoided.

All communications with suppliers during the evaluation process should go through the SPOC.

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