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Training Resources

To meet our customer needs, VITA procurement offers training in a variety of accessible formats such as videos, virtual meetings and in-person learning on key topics of agency interest

As a customer-focused partner, VITA procurement aims to ensure agencies have the ability to navigate IT procurements, including procedures, rules and regulations. Our goal is for our customer agencies to gain essential knowledge and improve their skills through training.

Training topics offered include development of IT solicitations and contracts, IT contract terms, ECOS process for cloud procurements, risk management, statements of work, performance measures including service level agreements, project milestones and deliverables, negotiations and contract management.

If you are interested in virtual or in-person training for your agency on any of the topics above, please direct your request to

VITA Review Process

View VITA Review Process video in full screen

Focuses on VITA’s delegated thresholds, the IT governance groups involved in the review process, submission requirements, and process steps for major projects, cloud and high-risk IT procurements.

VITA Review Process Transcript

Performance Measures

View Performance Measures video in full screen

Provides insight into drafting clear and distinct performance metrics, enforcement provisions and remedies, including how they work together to make a strong contract. Also covers examples of compliant and noncompliant performance measures to help our customers when creating their contract performance measures.

Performance Measures Transcript

Cloud Procurements and the ECOS Process

View Cloud Procurements and the ECOS Process video in full screen

Defines cloud-based solutions and lays out the steps in the ECOS (enterprise cloud oversight service) process, including the steps to follow for request for proposals (RFPs) with cloud-based solutions and how to award a cloud contract with or without an RFP.

Please note that as of January 2024, Information Security Standard 525 (SEC525) has been changed to Information Security Standard 530 (SEC530). All references to SEC525 now refer to SEC530

Cloud Procurements and the ECOS Process Transcript

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