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Policy & Governance

VITA sets forth policy, governance strategy (PSG) and oversight for the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Information Technology Advisory Council (ITAC) and the CIO provides input and advice to the strategic direction for the use of technology resources for the Commonwealth.

VITA's role is one of facilitating the development of that direction and providing oversight to ensure information technology resources are used and appropriately managed within the confines of that direction. In part, VITA fulfills its responsibility by engaging in opportunity selections and then overseeing the portfolio of selections that have been made.

ITRM Policies, Standards & Guidelines

Establishing rules and providing guidance to ensure the effective and efficient use, acquisition and management of IT resources. View the Commonwealth of Virginia Information Technology Resource Management (ITRM) Policies, Standards, and Guidelines


Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) develops, implements and ensures compliance with a statewide IT enterprise architecture that supports the Commonwealth strategic plan while providing strategic and tactical direction to agencies and institutions of higher education. 

IT Investment Management

Provides for the pre-selection (identification), selection, control and evaluation of business need-driven IT investments across the investment lifecycle. Learn more at IT Investment Management.

Project Management and Oversight

Ensuring agencies and institutions of higher education follow IT program and project management best practices and procedures. Also ensuring that IT projects and programs remain consistent with approved agency and Commonwealth IT strategic plans and initiatives.

VITA oversees the pre-selection, selection, control and evaluation of strategic and designated IT projects and procurements to support executive branch agency business objectives.