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Chapter 24 - Requests for Proposals and Competitive Negotiations

24.12 Mistakes in proposals

A mistake in a proposal may be corrected or the proposal may be withdrawn depending on the stage in the procurement process when the mistake is discovered. Minor informalities or mistakes in proposals are generally allowed to be corrected before award. Below is a reference table for determining how a proposal mistake should be handled:

Occurrence of proposal mistakeAvailable remedy
Before proposal due date Supplier may correct mistakes discovered before due date by withdrawing or correcting and resubmitting the proposal.
After due date but before award

When review of the proposal (before award) indicates that a mistake was made, the supplier should be asked by the SPOC to confirm the proposal. If the supplier alleges that a mistake was made, the supplier may correct or withdraw the proposal. Correction of mistakes at this stage is only allowed if:

  • Mistake and the correct proposal information are clearly evident on the face of the proposal, in which event the proposal may not be withdrawn.

  • Minor mistakes that are not clearly evident on the face of the proposal but the supplier submits proof of evidentiary value which clearly and convincingly demonstrates both the existence of the mistake and the correct offer and allowing the correction would not be contrary to fair and equal treatment of other suppliers.

During negotiations Supplier may freely correct any non-material mistake by modifying or withdrawing the proposal.

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