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Chapter 24 - Requests for Proposals and Competitive Negotiations

24.5 Preparing an RFP

24.5.9 Weighting the evaluation criteria

The SPOC and ET may use discretion in determining how to score proposals, provided that it is not arbitrary. If criteria are weighted, do this with caution to assure that they are properly weighted in accordance with the importance of each criterion.

Note: If using the VITA RFP template, the evaluation criteria are derived directly from section 5 (Functional and Technical Requirements) and section 6 (Supplier Profile) of the template, as well as the supplier's response to the proposed contractual terms and conditions.

Section 4302.2 of the Code of Virginia provides as follows:

"Issuance of a written Request for Proposal indicating in general terms that which is sought to be procured, specifying the factors that will be used in evaluating the proposal, indicating whether a numerical scoring system will be used in evaluation of the proposal, and containing or incorporating by reference the other applicable contractual terms and conditions, including any unique capabilities, specifications or qualifications that will be required. In the event that a numerical scoring system will be used in the evaluation of proposals, the point values assigned to each of the evaluation criteria shall be included in the Request for Proposal or posted at the location designated for public posting of procurement notices prior to the due date and time for receiving proposals. No Request for Proposal for construction authorized by this chapter shall condition a successful offeror's eligibility on having a specified experience modification factor."

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