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Individual Network Drive (IND) Migration

IND Migration

Migrate your agency’s files from individual network drives to Microsoft OneDrive

Executive branch employees have Microsoft OneDrive (with 1 terabyte (TB) of storage) already available, and licensing costs covered through VITA’s services. This service is available for participating Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) executive branch agencies.

Ready to take action to migrate your files for easy access, efficiency and possible cost savings for your agency?

Individual network drive migration can reduce network drive storage costs associated with individual drives.

Additional benefits:

  • Leveraging existing OneDrive user storage
  • Reducing or eliminating network storage costs (amount will vary based on data migrated)
  • Increasing efficiency and file accessibility via Microsoft 365 integration
  • Eliminating need to connect to a virtual private network (VPN)
  • Accessing increased storage per user
  • Consolidating data in accordance with record management rules
  • Reducing QTS footprint and do not have to refresh / expand Isilon drives
  • Cyber security – Data insecurity could lead to viruses on the network
  • Ease in accessing data for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests and record retention

Individual network drive migration roadmap

  • Identify and assign roles and responsibilities
  • Decide on migration approach
  • Identify timeframe of migration
  • Customize or create end-user communication
  • Migration close out

Ahead of your agency's migration, you should perform the following activities:

  • Review migration resources
  • Identify key support personnel:
    • Training, communication, agency records officer, agency help desk
  • Identify potential issues:
    • Improper data storage and usage, sensitive data, application dependencies, critical business functions, critical business users
  • Request network drive file (TreeSize) report
    • Note: In an effort to expedite the processing time of your Tree Size report, once your general service request (GSR) is approved, please forward that information to your business relationship manager (BRM). Your BRM can help expedite your request.
  • Develop a draft timeline for your agency's migration

As you start the planning process for your agency's migration, please consider taking the following steps:

  • Engage agency leadership
  • Stand up an agency migration team
  • If you want VITA's messaging supplier migrate end user data for you, submit an request for solution (RFS) for data migration
  • Develop an agency migration plan to inform, guide, and assist end-users through the migration
  • Create a training plan
  • Customize any VITA provided support material and communication templates
  • Finalize your agency's migration timeline

Prior to kicking off your agency's migration, you should:

  • Incorporate migration discussions into agency meetings
  • Implement your agency communication plan
  • Leverage any internal agency channels to disseminate information
  • Participate in the IND migration information group sessions
  • If your agency is interested in having a supplier provide end-user assistance, submit a general service request (GSR) or RFS (over 20 staff) for end user support

Once your agency's migration is underway, you should:

  • Deploy your agency's migration team to guide your end-users through the migration process
  • Continue to execute communication strategy
  • Track and validate the success of your agency's migration
  • Report and maintain line of communication with agency leadership
  • Report your agency's migration progress to VITA
  • Attend IND migration information group sessions

After your agency has completed its migration, you should do the following before closing out the effort:

  • Request a final TreeSize report to validate your agency has successfully migrated to OneDrive
  • Resolve any outstanding issues that may have surfaced during the migration
  • Submit a GSR to reduce the capacity of your agency's individual network drive
  • Send post migration report to VITA
  • Provide project feedback to VITA and your peers via the IND migration information group sessions

Individual network migration – Agency implementation options


  • Agency-led initiative with customized content
  • Greatest cost savings for an agency
  • End-users would perform their individual migrations
  • Provides opportunity for records cleanup in accordance with your agency's records retention policies
  • Potential for higher network impacts if controls are not in place (e.g. bandwidth issues)

Migration with supplier assistance

If your agency is interested in having a supplier provide end-user assistance, you will need to submit a GSR or RFS.

  • Potential network impacts could be mitigated
  • Comes at a cost to the agency

No migration

  • No change in current state
  • No cost savings

Training and support resources

Take steps to migrate now


Learn how to migrate files from individual network drives to OneDrive by watching video below:

Follow the job aid steps found in the knowledge base article.


Visit the FAQs on the VITA service portal for commonly asked questions and answers. The FAQs will continue to be updated as we learn more from agency migrations.

Read the FAQs

Support Resources

VITA customer care center (VCCC) VITA Contacts IND migration information group

Call VCCC (866) 637-8482

Option "4"

Visit CAMs and Other VITA Contacts for a list of agency contacts and share completion.

A community forum to discuss strategies, lessons learned and issues with agency peers.

An opportunity for two-way engagement with migrating agencies and VITA project team.

To be added to the IND information group and IND migration Teams site, please email business readiness