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Supplier & Vendor Reporting Requirements

Supplier & Vendor Reporting Requirements

Supplier's report of sales:

By the tenth day of every month, the supplier shall submit "monthly sales data" to VITA. The supplier shall report total sales (defined as all invoiced payments received against orders off the contract during the preceding month). The supplier shall be responsible for submitting the monthly report of sales even if the supplier has had no sales (i.e., a $0.00 total sales value) for the reporting period. The supplier shall submit the contractually required fees to VITA, Attention VITA Controller, in the form of a check or electronic payment, made payable to the Treasurer of Virginia 30 days after. The payment shall reference the invoice number supplied by the Supplier Reporting System.

SWaM business and Non-SWaM business subcontractor participation:

By the tenth day of every month, the supplier shall submit monthly subcontracting spend data to VITA. This data must include spend with all subcontractors who provide direct performance for obligations under the contract. VITA will use the subcontracted spend with SWaM suppliers to monitor against the supplier’s overall SWaM commitment percentage.

Suppliers are reminded:

  • Failure to accurately report contract spend before the date specified in the contract could impact your contract and future contract awards.
  • All suppliers are responsible and will be held accountable for submitting timely and accurate monthly spend reports.
  • All reports are to be submitted using VITA's Supplier Reporting System (SRS). Visit Supplier Reporting System - Access for more information.
  • For additional information contact:
  • If you are a VITA Integrated Services Platform supplier, you have additional reporting requirements to DOTS. Questions regarding that system and the reporting requirements should be directed to
  • Contract reporting of spend will be monitored for compliance
  • Suppliers should refer to the Reporting Requirements section of their contract for reporting and payment obligations.

Note: Unless another fee rate is specified in the contract between VITA and the supplier, the standard contractually required Industrial Funding Adjustment (IFA) fee rate is and remains 2% of total sales.