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Cloud Services

Public cloud services will be known as “COV Cloud” in the future. Please visit COV Cloud for more information.

A cloud service is any service that is made available on demand via the internet from a cloud computing provider. Cloud services are designed to provide scalable access to applications, resources and services. Examples of cloud services include the delivery of computing services including servers, online data storage and backup solutions, networking, software, delivery of analytics, and data processing.

COV Cloud currently includes:

Please visit the Cloud Third Party Use Policy for additional information on the adoption of cloud-based services. Frequently asked questions about this service can found at Cloud Services FAQs

COV Ramp - formally Enterprise Cloud Oversight Service (ECOS)

COV Ramp provide oversight and support services for agencies undertaking the decision to move to cloud-based services. For additional information visit COV Ramp.

COV Ramp Approved Application List and Metrics

To download the COV Ramp approved application list, visit Applications.