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DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

Reset your password

Use the password reset tool to change your COV password

You must set up multi-factor authentication before you can use the password reset tool.  See the set up link below for instructions.  Otherwise click the "Reset Your Password" button.

Reset Your Password

Set up Multi-factor Authentication for Password Self Resets

Need to contact the VCCC? Please visit IT Support.

Request an account or an account modification

To request an account or an account modification (change of access/permissions, including deletions and deactivations), please visit the service catalog within the VITA Service Portal. Most account request items are located in the COV account request category. Some account request items are also located in the Mainframe services category.

Note that the provision of accounts for new access to legacy billing systems (for bills produced prior to July 1, 2019) may be restricted. For more information, see  information.

Email should not be used to report critical issues or outages impacting an agency.

Use the "Request Assistance" link found on the top menu bar of the VITA Service Portal.

Email the VCCC at

Call (866) 637-8482 (toll free) to report an outage* or request service.

For faster phone service

A VCCC analyst can often respond faster if you have the following information when you call:

  • For password resets or locked accounts you'll need your PIN (personal identification number) and data that verifies your eligibility
  • Your e-mail address and phone number
  • A description of the problem and whether it affects others in your office or on your team

Check status of your ticket

To check the status of a ticket, please visit the VITA Service Portal.

If you are unable to access the VITA Service Portal

VITA customers without Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) accounts (including some local government customers) or customers who are unable to gain access to the portal, may order services and request accounts by sending an email to the VITA Customer Care Center (VCCC) service desk, or by calling the VCCC at (866) 637-8482.


Method #1
While on the COV network or via virtual private network (VPN) Log in to using your Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) credentials. Click the Edit Profile button, Type your COV password into the Password field, then click Verify, You will be asked to authenticate using your preselected multi-factor authentication method (SMS, Google Authenticator or Voice). The change password section will now let you create a new password for your COV account. Please note if this is done while not on the COV network your computer password will not sync until connected to COV either hardwired in or via COV VPN.