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Technology Services

IT services and products for Commonwealth local governmental agencies and entities

VITA is one of three multisupplier models nationwide.

With a multisupplier model, VITA has built and grown a diverse, market-driven portfolio of new and adaptable services for Virginians. With best-of-breed offerings, VITA can ensure that customers are receiving the best services at value-driven prices. VITA offers a variety of enterprise and non-enterprise services and products. Commonwealth enterprise customers can visit the service catalog to browse and order. Non-enterprise customers can contact us for separate ordering procedures. 

Catalog Services


The VITA service catalog contains descriptions, pricing, and service-specific ordering information for IT infrastructure, security and selected enterprise services targeted to enable government to better serve Virginia's citizens. A list of all VITA catalog services is provided along with general information on each of the main service categories in the Catalog Services.

IT Catalog Service Rates

VITA is the designated provider of information technology (IT) services for Executive Branch agencies within the Commonwealth of Virginia. VITA also makes its services available to other state agencies and public bodies inclusive of local government entities and higher education. Please note: All rates have been approved by the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission (JLARC). View Commonwealth IT catalog service rates.

The VITA service portal

The service portal provides a user-friendly web-based portal for agency employees to easily request help or a new IT service or IT-related item. Visit the VITA Services FAQs for more information.

Non-Catalog Services

Some VITA services cannot be ordered in the service catalog. These include selected telecommunications services, items ordered in eVA, Virginia's e-procurement solution, as well as services ordered from statewide IT contracts. Visit Non-Catalog Services for more information.

Telecommunications Services

VITAnet replaces the previous COVANET contract with contracts with two suppliers for services such as wide area network (WAN) data communications, high-speed tier one internet, hosted and on-premises voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) systems, and traditional long-distance and toll-free voice communications. Learn more about VITAnet.

All other telecommunications services may be ordered through the Telecommunications Expense (Management) and Billing Solution (TEBS) system. Learn more about TEBS in Non-Catalog Services section.

How to Order VITA Services

Most VITA services can be ordered from the new VITA Service Portal.

To learn more visit How to Order VITA Services.

VITA's Commonwealth customers have access to a consolidated service portal and customer-customizable dashboard services offer dynamic analytics and transparency in procurement, project statuses and data-related needs.