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This page provides links to special tools (applications) used in Commonwealth of Virginia technology management-related activities. As new tools are developed to assist technology stakeholders in planning and delivering projects, they will be posted on this site.

Online Review and Comment Application (O.R.C.A.)

The Online Review and Comment Application (ORCA) allows individuals to provide specific comments on draft or published documents. ORCA is an online application backed by a SQL database. Using ORCA, any person can comment on a document and save their comments to the ORCA database for later review by the VITA staff.

Log in to ORCA.

Commonwealth Technology Portfolio (Oracle OPPM)

The Commonwealth has implemented a commercial-off-the-shelf portfolio management application: the Commonwealth Technology Portfolio (CTP) which has been business-configured to automate portfolio management processes, allowing agencies to manage their business needs and technology investments like a portfolio. This new secure web-based tool will enable agencies to choose and execute upon those IT investments that provide the greatest return to the needs of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Commonwealth Technology Portfolio

The Commonwealth Technology Portfolio (CTP) is a repository for agency information technology (IT) investments in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The portfolio organizes agency inventory information from a business driven perspective. Information from the system will be used to:

  • Support both Commonwealth and agency IT strategic planning
  • Capture a current or "as is" view of the Commonwealth IT architecture
  • Facilitate migration planning towards a conceptual or "to be" Commonwealth IT architecture
  • Allow agencies to share information about their current portfolios
  • Better inform the overall Commonwealth IT management process

As part of the agency IT strategic planning process, each agency will develop, manage, and maintain an agency technology portfolio. Agencies will use the agency technology portfolio to support technology investment decisions including major technology procurements and projects.

Agency Technology Portfolio

The agency technology portfolio is a repository for agency information technology (IT) investments. The agency technology portfolio captures the "as is" view of an agency's IT architecture and facilitates the identification of and migration to the "to be" IT architecture. The identification of and migration to the "to be" begins with a comprehensive analysis of the current agency technology portfolio ("as is" IT architecture), and an evaluation of the ability of the current technology portfolio to meet the business goals, objectives, and critical needs of the agency. The evaluation typically takes the form of a gap analysis of the "as is" to the "to be" and results in the identification of projects and procurements necessary to move the organization to the "to be" state. This identification process is represented graphically below.

Agency Technology Portfolio pyramid

Although the IT strategic planning process begins with technology portfolio analysis, the agency will continuously manage and evaluate the technology portfolio. Assets are added to the technology portfolio through project implementations, procurements and man-power reallocations. Assets are removed from the portfolio as a result of asset retirement, replacement or man-power reallocations. As the portfolio is modified, it should be evaluated to ensure that the "as is" and "to be" states are accurately represented. Moreover, a gap analysis should be performed to assure the "as is" and identified projects and future procurement are aligned to meet the business goals, objectives and critical needs of the agency. The graphic below shows the life-cycle of the IT Investment Management (ITIM) process which relies on analysis of the agency portfolio.

ITIM Process