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eGov Services

VITA's eGov services offering includes the eGov service advisor offering assistance in selection of suppliers for development, hosting, and operations management of websites and web applications. The eGov service advisor also helps direct inquiries about portal services.

VITA has awarded contracts to multiple suppliers for the commonwealth's electronic government (eGov) websites/applications and supporting services after a competitive procurement process. Awards were made to the following suppliers:

All Virginia public bodies, including state agencies, universities, school systems and localities, can use these eGov contracts. The solution provides for services supporting citizen-facing websites/applications, to include design, development, hosting, operations/ maintenance, full life cycle support, and payment processing services. All services must be directly associated with the specific site or application being developed and managed by the supplier. These contracts are available for the procurement of services as part of an entire supplier-provisioned citizen-facing web site/application solution; but may not be used for the procurement of separate independent services.

Individual services for web design/development and operations/maintenance (O&M) are available through VITA's IT contingent labor contract with Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI).

Services offered

eGov services advisor
VITA eGov advisor will assistance in determining the next steps for eGov services and how to use the new statewide contracts to select appropriate suppliers.

eGov services
VITA retains responsibility for infrastructure governance and is reviewing all hosting requirements and requests for alternatives to the infrastructure provided by the VITA infrastructure services, to include reviewing executive branch agency requests to use the contracts for citizen-facing website/application services.

How do I use the eGov Services program?

Visit eGov Hosting Request Process for information on how to use program.


If you have questions, please contact VITA service lead or concerning services offering details or your customer account manager (CAM).