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COV Grade

COV Grade

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We’re excited to introduce COV Grade, a product family that brands select Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) offerings for IT products, services and solutions designed for COV public entities.

COV Grade will create a new customer experience by:

  • Applying enterprise scale to commercial grade products
  • Adding the ease of integrated ordering
  • Hardening to Commonwealth cybersecurity standards
  • Simplifying the billing process with comprehensive invoices

The Product Family

The COV Grade product family includes a range of product families, that start with commercial grade products, apply enterprise scale, add the ease of integrated ordering, harden to Commonwealth cybersecurity standards and simplify billing with comprehensive invoices.

COV Grade product family

Approved cloud-base applications

ramp, cov grade iconCOV Ramp replaces the process previously known as the enterprise cloud oversight service (ECOS) and highlights more than 400 cloud-based software products that are assessed, monitored and ready to be securely used. COV Ramp provides oversight functions and management of cloud-based services, specifically focused on SaaS. For more information, visit COV Ramp (formerly ECOS).

You can also view the Approved Applications and Metrics.

Internal applications

apps, cov grade iconCOV Apps helps agencies achieve business outcomes by offering secure, integrated and pre-approved solutions and tools. COV Apps will achieve cost savings for the Commonwealth by creating solutions that enable agencies to focus on providing their customers with great services. 

View the list of available apps at COV Apps.


cyber, cov grade iconThe COV Cyber mark notes trusted and secure cyber products and solutions.

You can view the list of trusted and secure applications at COV Cyber.

Cloud services

cloud, cov grade iconCOV Cloud indicates that public cloud offerings have approved workloads and services. This will simplify the agency process for moving data and processes to the public cloud. COV Cloud includes support to ensure agencies are selecting the best cloud service for their needs. 

Learn more at COV Cloud.

Telecommunications and contracts

contracts, cov grade iconCOV Contracts modernizes the telecommunications and supply chain management contracts. The goal is to make it easier to update approved telecommunications and supply chain management contracts with new features and services while increasing the transparency of how resources are being used to help identify cost savings opportunities.

You can view the contracts included in COV Contracts or Browse VITA Contracts. Telecommunication information available at TEBS.

Single sign-on

identity, cov grade iconThe COV Identity mark signifies an upcoming identity effort for participating agencies’ sites that can accept a single username and password. Virginians can use this identity across participating Commonwealth executive branch agency sites for online services. COV Identity uses leading toolsets that are secure and easy to use to help users do business with Virginia faster and easier than ever.


Customers can trust that COV Grade resources are hardened to the Commonwealth of Virginia’s security standards.

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