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VITA Identity Manager (VIM)

Latest Update

The VITA’s identity management (VIM) system has been retired and associated services have been migrated over to Okta.

Non-COV account users

Please follow the updated instructions below, as we continue to update all associated documentation and references.

New accounts can be requested via the VITA service catalog using a general service request (GSR) or by contacting the VITA customer care center (VCCC). This request should be submitted by the application owner or agency designee to create the Okta/AUTH account and application group that the user must be added to for application access. Please reference ENT-SSDC-DS-DIRECTORY SERVICES-OKTA-LEVEL 3 when submitting new account requests.

OKTA user password reset

User needs password reset (password has not expired) 

  • Users can contact the VCCC to reset passwords by email or by phone (866) 637-8482.
  • Users can use the Self-service password reset (SSPR) tool to change COV password. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) must be set up before you can use the SSPR password reset tool. For more information and instructions please visit Okta self-service password reset knowledge base article.

Reset Your Password


User needs password reset (password has expired)

  • Application owner or designee will need to submit general service request (GSR) as part of account/access validation process. The ticket should be directed to ENT-SSDC-DS-DIRECTORY SERVICES-OKTA-LEVEL3.
  • Application owners or designated agency staff should be directed to for SSPR. Users that have registered in should migrate to for registration. Migrating is as simple as logging into using your existing designated email address and password. Upon login you will be asked to set up the following information: 

    • Secondary email  
    • Forgot password question  
    • Add phone number to reset or unlock your account via text message  
    • Add phone number to reset or unlock your account via phone call  
    • Choose security image 
    • Once created, you will be presented with your Okta dashboard 

Application access  

  1. All application access requests (add/remove/modify) should be submitted by the application owner or agency designee to the VCCC. The ticket should include the group name for application access. If assistance is needed for finding the group name, submit a ticket to VCCC.  
  2. The ticket should be directed to ENT-SSDC-DS-DIRECTORY SERVICES queue. 
  3. If the application group is Okta-managed, agency application owners can update groups. 
  4. All application groups are being migrated to Okta-managed groups and will be coordinated with agencies. 
  5. If a user has successfully logged into Okta, is a member of the applicable application group, but cannot access the application, a ticket will be routed to the application team.  

Questions? Contact the VCCC at (866) 637-8482 or email at

Okta FAQs

What is MFA?

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) is an added layer of security used to verify an end user's identity when they sign in to an application. 

What types of MFA are enabled in Okta?

The following MFA options are available:

Okta Verify

Okta Verify is a multifactor authentication type developed by Okta. End users can verify their identities with the Okta Verify mobile app. After an end user installs the app on their primary device, they can verify their identity by approving a push notification or by entering a one-time code.

SMS authentication

SMS Authentication uses the text messaging service on your cell phone to send you a one-time login code. You cannot enter this code by approving a push notification as you can in Okta Verify. Instead, you must type it in by hand.

Google authenticator

Google Authenticator is a software-based authenticator by Google that implements two-step verification services.


How do I set up Okta Verify?

Please follow the knowledge base article (KBA) Okta Verify set-up guide that contains instructions on how to enroll and set up Okta Verify, the MFA application.

What if I get a new phone and/or my phone number changes?

If you get a new phone and/or your phone number changes, your MFA will need to be reset in Okta.