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We are the Virginia IT agency

The Virginia Information Technologies Agency has evolved, innovated and adapted to the ever-changing virtual environment and digital landscape during its 16 years of existence.

We have proudly pioneered new technologies, new ways of doing business and charted new territory in our industry -- and no industry moves or changes faster.

Our employees and partners have come together to reimagine VITA's new mission, vision and guiding principles and how we are visually recognized as an agency.


Our transformation

Among our transformative accomplishments, we've stabilized and grown a diverse, market-driven portfolio of new and adaptable services for Virginians.

Technology Services

VITA offers a variety of IT services and products to commonwealth and local governmental agencies and entities. Many are contained in VITA's service catalog, but VITA also offers non-catalog services that have separate ordering procedures.

  • Catalog Services 
  • IT Catalog Service Rates
  • The VITA service portal
  • Non-Catalog Services

Visit Technology Services for more information.

Information Security

In order to accomplish its mission, the Information Security Directorate develops and manages an ever changing portfolio of tools and processes designed to secure commonwealth data and systems. Some of the more notable tools and processes are listed below.

  • Development and maintenance of Standards, Policies and Procedures
  • Secure Infrastructure & Technical Support
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection & Business Continuity
  • Risk Management
  • Information Security Training and Awareness
  • Incident Management

Visit Information Security for more information.

Policy & Governance

VITA's IT Governance directorates role is one of facilitating the development of strategic direction and providing oversight to ensure information technology resources are used and appropriately managed. We do this by:

  • Working with customers to understand business requirements.
  • Considering both the Commonwealth's current technology portfolio and its strategic direction.
  • Collaborating with our customers to expedite projects and obtain the best possible value by addressing issues - and opportunities - sooner rather than later.
  • Working with stakeholders to prioritize and select technology investments that optimize benefit to citizens within the Commonwealth.
  • Seeking continuous improvement, evaluating both existing IT investments and new technologies to more effectively meet increasing business demands.

Visit Policy & Governance for more information.


VITA's Supply Chain Management directorate is the Commonwealth of Virginia's Information Technology (IT) procurement contract and sourcing hub. Our services include:

  • Consolidating and leveraging the Commonwealth's buying power;
  • Announcing, awarding, and maintaining statewide contracts for the purchase of information technology and telecommunications goods and services;
  • Providing sourcing expertise and contracting assistance for state agencies and institutions procuring IT and telecommunications goods and services; and
  • Providing market analysis, supplier analysis and sourcing consulting for state agencies and institutions;
  • Inviting, promoting, and sustaining increased access, participation, and partnerships with small, minority- and women-owned businesses.

Visit Procurement for more information.

How VITA is structured

The Virginia IT Agency strives to provide the Commonwealth prompt, efficient service. 

VITA Organizational Chart (Updated April 2022)