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Teacher PC Purchase Program


  1. Read the General Information and Description on this page. Read the associated FAQs.
  2. Shop for a computer. Visit VITA's Supply Chain Management's (SCM) PC contracts page to research available PCs and related devices.
  3. Place your Order. You must place your order by clicking "View" on the VITA Statewide Contract Search Results page by the supplier of your choice. Call the supplier's phone number listed below the "Contract Supplier Contacts" and identify yourself as a Virginia Teacher, rather than by ordering online.

With the passage of House Bill 1761 (2003 General Assembly) and House Bill 508 (2004 General Assembly), the Virginia General Assembly gave the Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA) the authority to establish contracts for the purchase of personal computers (PCs) and related devices by licensed teachers employed in a full-time teaching capacity in Virginia public schools or in state educational facilities for use outside the classroom. Teachers are limited to one purchase per year.

Teachers may purchase products, available from state contracts at state discounts from current suppliers who have agreed to participate in this program. The covered personal computers are all Intel/Microsoft Windows based products. Apple Macintosh products are not available under this program at this time.

Because this program is based on state contracts for personal computers, the participating suppliers, brands and discounts will change periodically as the Commonwealth awards new contracts and old ones expire. Prices are based on a discount from a known price list and therefore the actual price paid will "float" with the changes in the known price list.

State contracts used by agencies and institutions of higher education in Virginia do not normally cover a supplier's entire product offering. The Commonwealth normally contracts only for the supplier's commercial product offering which does not include the "home" or "retail" products. The reasons for this include longer warranties, on-site service, a more stable product line, professional operating systems, integrated networking and other offerings more attuned to the commercial marketplace than the home market.

Equipment on Commonwealth of Virginia state contracts available for purchase under this program is of "enterprise-class" quality. This means that it is of a higher, commercial quality than standard retail equipment intended for personal, residential use. Compare equipment and prices carefully before ordering.

Eligible teachers are limited to one (1) purchase during a 12 month time period, under this program. This means that you cannot use the program to purchase a PC in January and another in July, nor can you use the program to purchase a PC in January and a printer in July. The program is based on a single order.

The contract terms and conditions of the purchase are those of the supplier's Employee Purchase Program (EPP). These are different from the Commonwealth's purchase agreement with the vendor. The purchaser is responsible for taxes and other charges (i.e. shipping) that may apply to the purchase and these may add to the final cost of the product.

The Commonwealth is not responsible for handling disputes between the purchaser and the supplier.

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