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COV Apps

COV Apps

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COV Apps helps agencies achieve business outcomes by offering secure, integrated and pre-approved solutions and tools.

COV Apps currently includes:

Coming soon:

  • EWP (employee work plan) design system with seven forms
  • PAW (pay action worksheet)

What value does this COV product offer to agencies/customers? 

Providing the EWP and PAW forms will standardize the processing of these forms across the Commonwealth, provide valuable data for metrics that can be analyzed in real time, save agencies time spent creating and maintaining their own forms and processes, and provide enhanced visibility of processes.

How does COV Apps help our customers?

The EWP and PAW forms, like other forms, are often a paper process routed by email or by hand. Within COV Apps, these forms will now have automated workflow, notifications to facilitate the processing of forms and real-time visibility into where forms are in the process.