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Website Modernization

Website Modernization Program

The Commonwealth of Virginia (COV) website modernization program

The COV website modernization program was created to ensure all state websites provide an accessible, trusted and secure experience for all Virginians. Specifically, the program looks to aid agencies in meeting the COV web standards.

View Enterprise Solutions Architecture (ESA) EA Solutions Web Systems Standard (effective Feb. 23, 2023)

Accessibility Training - Fundamental

View Foundations of Accessibility - General Introduction to Accessibility for the Agencies presentation (Feb. 16, 2023)

Accessibility Training - Fundamental AM Session

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Accessibility Training - Fundamental PM Session

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are we doing this?

The Governor’s Office wants Virginians to recognize state websites and have a consistent user and customer experience across agencies. We are partnering with the Governor’s Office and Secretary of Administration to achieve the goal of consistency, and ultimately, to modernize Commonwealth websites.

Does every agency have to comply?

Executive branch and independent authorities that report to the governor are in scope for this program. All Commonwealth of Virginia agencies should be striving towards accessible, trusted and secure websites.

Is higher education considered in-scope?

Yes, higher education is in scope as it is part of the executive branch and falls under the Secretary of Education. However, there is an exemption for the institutions that have gained independence with respect to technology under the Restructured Higher Education Financial and Administrative Operations Act (§ 23.1-1000 et seq.).

What websites are considered in-scope?

All public-facing websites and web applications are in scope.

The Web Mod PMO team will work with agencies to evaluate non-government websites (.COM, .EDU, etc.) on a case-by-case basis.

Who is providing governance and oversight for the program?

The Website Modernization Program Management Office (Web Mod PMO team), situated within VITA, will provide governance and oversight support for this effort. The team works closely with the VITA Web Technologists team for accessibility and design standards.

VITA’s Commonwealth security and risk management (CSRM) team will continue to be the governing entity for web security in the Commonwealth, with support from the Web Mod PMO team.

Where can I find the updated technology and web standards for the Commonwealth?

The Enterprise Architecture (EA) Standard establishes direction and technical requirements governing the acquisition, use and management of IT resources by executive branch agencies.  View the EA Standard (EA225)

Web standards fall under Enterprise Solutions Architecture (ESA) requirements. The Commonwealth ESA provides the framework/model and methodology that supports the transition from silo-based, application-centric and agency-centric information technology investments to an enterprise approach where solutions are designed to be flexible. View the EA Solutions Web Systems Standard.

How will agencies get started?

The Web Mod PMO team held a kick-off meeting with all agencies on Dec. 15, to discuss the effort. The team will coordinate deep dives with agencies through their customer account managers (CAMs), or directly for agencies without an assigned VITA CAM. The Web Mod PMO team will ensure remediation progress is tracked and reported.

Where can I find more information?

Additional Website Modernization Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are available on the VITA service portal. Log in to visit the KB0019243 information. 

Topics include: Website standards, Design standards, Accessibility standards, Security standards, Funding

For project support, please contact the Web Mod PMO team at


Branding Bar

The new branding bar seeks to improve upon the existing branding bar aesthetically and functionally, and it provides unified branding for all state agency websites.



Optional templates will be available for download via a design system.