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New catalog items

We have added more services! Visit VITA Catalog Services List for a short description of each service available in the Service Catalog. This quick link will take you to the VITA Service Portal for more information.


Electronic signature (eSignature) allows one to provide electronic expression of his or her agreement to the terms of a particular document. This is a critical tool as we continue to work together remotely. E-signatures generally satisfy the law and we recommend that you consult your counsel about the law applicable to your particular circumstances. Frequently asked questions can be found in the knowledge base (KB0018118). You can use the search feature to find eSignature in the service catalog or you can navigate to the cloud services subcategory.

HP ProDesk 600 G5

Designed to support the modern remote workspace, the stylish and ultra-small HP ProDesk 600 a powerful and reliable PC with performance, security and manageability features designed to meet and exceed your needs. This service includes: the device and its supporting services; computer equipment refreshes at the device refresh period; and full hardware warranty. 

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro elevates the notebook to a whole new level of performance and portability. This new MacBook provides high‑performance processors and memory, advanced graphics, blazing‑fast storage and more — all in a compact three-pound package. This service includes: the device and its supporting services; computer equipment refreshes at the device refresh period; and full hardware warranty.

Workplace collaboration services (WCS) consulting services

Workplace collaboration services (WCS) consulting services provides application development using the Office 365 platform (SharePoint, Teams and Office 365 Power Platform) and SharePoint support services for our customer agencies. This service is available to current WCS customers. To learn more about the service, visit the WCS consulting services FAQ document located on the workplace collaboration services support site.

Catalog Services Descriptions

The Service Catalog includes IT infrastructure, account request and management, security, and selected enterprise services, organized by service category.

If you don't have direct access to the Service Catalog, you can view, print or download the full VITA Catalog Services List for a short description of each service.

The current service categories are shown below. Each category will contain one or more VITA services. Brief category descriptions and additional information have been provided for each item.

Learn about How to Order VITA Services.

Application Integration Services

Application Integration Services (AIS) provide agencies with secure hosting and integration services for their applications. The services include the people, processes and technology necessary to integrate agency applications.

Cloud Services

A cloud service is any service that is made available on demand via the internet from a cloud computing provider. Cloud services are designed to provide scalable access to applications, resources and services. Examples of cloud services include the delivery of computing services including servers, online data storage and backup solutions, networking, software, delivery of analytics, and data processing.

Available Cloud Service Provider (CSP):

Frequently asked questions about this service can found at Cloud Services FAQs.

Enterprise Cloud Oversight Service (ECOS)

ECOS provide oversight and support services for agencies undertaking the decision to move to cloud-based services. For additional information visit Enterprise Cloud Oversight Service (ECOS).

ECOS Approved Supplier List and Metrics

Visit Approved Supplier Application List and ECOS Metrics to view ECOS Approved Supplier List and Metrics.

COV Account Request

Account request and management forms for many types of accounts have now been included in the Service Catalog (they are listed as no-cost services). Examples include COV network accounts, folder/share access requests, group/shared mailboxes, server removals, VPN token reassignments, and zz/aa Admin Account requests.

Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services provides redundant storage and server infrastructure at our alternate facility in the case of a Disaster Recovery Test or a disaster declaration.

Domain Name Services

VITA has been assigned the authority and responsibility for the Internet domains "" and "" Any state or local entity that subscribes to VITA telecommunications (telco) facilities, and uses either VITA-assigned IP addresses, or has their own IP address block, can be a part of the "" and/or "" domains.

eGov Services

VITA's eGov services offering includes the eGov service advisor offering assistance in selection of suppliers for hosting of web applications and operations and maintenance for existing web applications. The eGov Service Advisor also helps direct inquiries about portal services. For more information please visit our eGov Services page.

Mainframe Services

This category encompasses services based on usage of the VITA IBM mainframe and includes categories that make up the various Resource Utilization (RU) or chargeable services.

Guidance for Virginia commonwealth localities, non-executive agencies and departments to access the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Virginia Employment Commission (VEC), and Department of Social Services (DSS) on the VITA mainframe. 

Locality and Out -of -Scope Agency Mainframe Access Instructions (pdf)
Mainframe Services & Operations
Dec. 30, 2019

The following two forms are for locality and out-of-scope agencies to manage continuing mainframe access:

Network Access Form: This form is for localities and out-of-scope agencies to request COV network access through the firewall security team to connect to the mainframe.

Mainframe Access Coordinator (MAC): This form is for localities and out-of-scope agencies to submit new names or update their mainframe access coordinator (MAC) appointees.

Mainframe Access Coordinator Responsibilities: This document outlines and supports the VITA oversight of agencies mainframe access coordinator responsibilities. 

Messaging Services

The Messaging Service Offering includes everything related to email and mailboxes. Plus handheld services, instant messaging, COV network access and Domain Name Services (DNS).

Network Services

This service category encompasses Wide Area Network (WAN), Enterprise Remote Connection Services (ERCS), Local Area Network (LAN) network access, managed router, and secure wireless services.

Personal Computing

The personal computing service offering includes all aspects of the desktop computing environment including laptops, desktops, tablets, and peripherals. Customers may also choose from among four levels of deskside support -- Bronze, Silver, Gold and Offline.

Printer Services

This category includes a variety of multi-function devices (MFDs) and network printers. An ordering guide is provided in the Service Catalog to assist in making the best selection. Customers may also choose from among three levels of printer support -- Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Security Services

VITA also offers services to assist customers in developing, managing, and improving their information security programs. Examples of security service offerings include: IT security audits, managed firewalls, data encryption, secure sockets layer (SSL) server certificates, security incident management, and vulnerability scanning of web applications.

Centralized Information Security Officer (ISO) Service

Service Lead: Wes Kleene                       Contact:

The Centralized Information Security Officer (ISO) service assists agencies (agencies, boards, commissions, universities, etc.) in the development and implementation of their IT Risk Management Program.  The current service includes support for performing and developing key program documents such as: System Identification and Inventory; Business Impact Analysis; IT System Security Plans (consisting of IT Security Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment Plans) including required annual updates.  The Centralized ISO Service continues to work with the agency to ensure implementation of corrective action plans, and remediation of findings.  The Centralized ISO Service team provides ongoing consulting and service identification working directly with agency personnel 

Centralized IT Security Audit Service

Service Lead: Mark McCreary                 Contact:      

The Centralized IT Security Audit Service allows agencies to contract for IT security audits on their sensitive systems.  These are conducted through the IT Security Audit staff / contract support.  The audits will be performed in accordance with commonwealth IT auditing standards and will be compliant with the requirement to have a sensitive IT system audited (at least once every 3 years).

Server Services

This category includes enterprise services based on physical and virtual servers. A wide variety of services are offered depending on user requirements for accessing and utilization of the server environments. This category also includes the Large File Transfer (LFT) service, a web based application that allows users to send and receive large files that are typically blocked due to size by e-mail systems.

Agencies can make inquiries to attain assessment information for specific solutions through the Enterprise Services mailbox at or through your CAM.

Storage Services

Storage services include options for various types of storage and backup services.

Voice and Video Services

The Voice and Video service offering includes cellular wireless access, as well as local access services, audio, data and video conferencing, and unified communications as a service (UCaaS). Services are ordered via Telecommunications Service Request. 

Cellular Wireless Services 
Verizon Wireless, US Cellular, Sprint Solutions, nTelos, and AT&T Mobility.

Learn more about cellular services.

Workplace Collaboration Services

Leverage your organization's business insight, collaboration and decision-making with Workplace Collaboration Services featuring Microsoft SharePoint Online.

Note: Workplace collaboration services (WCS) support resources have been moved to the VITA service portal.

In an effort to help streamline where COV users get information, WCS has moved its support resources to the VITA service portal. Here, you will find FAQs, quick start guides, recorded trainings and third-party Microsoft support resources for COV-supported Microsoft services and MyHub. 
Below is a list of knowledge base (KB) articles that are currently available. As new information becomes available, these resources will be updated and new KB articles will be created. 
  • Available Microsoft Power Apps connectors (KB0018370) 
  • Available Microsoft 365 applications (KB0018371) 
  • Getting started with workplace collaboration services (KB0018368) 
  • Microsoft Office 365 licensing FAQs (KB0018382) 
  • Microsoft SharePoint FAQs (KB0018366) 
  • Microsoft Teams FAQs (KB0018365) 
  • Microsoft Teams recorded trainings (KB0018379) 
  • Power Automate FAQs (KB0018361) 
  • WCS consulting services FAQs (KB0018384) 
  • Workplace collaboration services (WCS) FAQs (KB0018383)