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Chapter 20 - Joint and Cooperative and GSA Contracts

Chapter highlights:

Purpose: This chapter covers policies related to sponsoring and using joint and/or cooperative procurements, and the use of GSA IT contracts by public bodies, for the procurement of information technology (IT) goods and services.

Key points:

  • The joint and/or cooperative procurement is formed when multiple parties identify common requirements suitable for a joint and/or cooperative procurement arrangement and sign a written agreement to jointly and cooperatively procure.
  • The CIO must approve all joint and/or cooperative procurement arrangements for the procurement of IT goods and services and all purchases from jointly and cooperatively procured contracts, including GSA IT contracts, regardless of the amount of the IT purchase.
  • Joint and/or cooperative contracts, including GSA contracts, typically should not be used for procurements involving intellectual property rights (e.g., software purchases, custom systems development) or that include service level agreements.
  • If the joint and/or cooperative procurement involves an off-premise (cloud hosted) solution, agencies must follow the Enterprise Cloud Oversight Services (ECOS) Process and Third Party Policy Workflow.

In this chapter

20.1 Purchases from joint and/or cooperative procurements (non-GSA IT Contracts)
20.2 Purchases from federal GSA (technology)

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