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Chapter 12 - Statements of Work for IT Procurements

Chapter highlights:

Purpose: This chapter covers the preparation of statement of scope and statement of work (SOW) documents used in the acquisition of information technology goods and services.

Key points:

  • The importance of complete, clear and well-developed requirements definition, scope statement, and statement of work documents for information technology (IT) solicitation and contract documents cannot be overstated.
  • Since the winning supplier will perform the contract following the SOW's requirements, it is critical to include and state all technical, functional, performance and project management requirements and expectations clearly and without ambiguity in the SOW.
  • The SOW content and detail will depend on the nature of the procurement and can range from extremely simple-buying packaged software-to extremely complex-procuring a solution or system design.

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12.3 Unique IT procurements

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