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Chapter 24 - Requests for Proposals and Competitive Negotiations

24.10 Receipt and distribution of proposals

24.10.1 Receipt of sealed proposals

All public bodies must provide an option to submit bids or proposals through the Commonwealth's statewide electronic procurement system, known as eVA. The Director of the Department of General Services, or his designee, may grant an exemption from such requirement at the request of a state public body and upon a showing of good cause. Local public bodies are encouraged to use eVA to offer an electronic submission option.

No questions regarding any proposal will be answered until after evaluation and negotiations are complete and an award decision has been made. The SPOC ensures all proposals are received on time and are complete. Proposals that are submitted late will not be considered. The SPOC reviews proposals for compliance with mandatory or must-have requirements or any mandatory terms and conditions. The SPOC maintains an evaluation sheet identifying each supplier’s status with respect to the RFP’s must-have or mandatory requirements (marked with an M).

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