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Chapter 11 - IT Procurement Planning and Strategic Sourcing

Chapter highlights:

Purpose: This chapter discusses information technology (IT) procurement planning, which include efforts by all personnel responsible for significant aspects of an IT project to ensure that they are coordinated and integrated in a comprehensive manner.

Key points:

  • As an IT procurement best practice, comprehensive IT procurement planning is proven to provide multiple benefits to public procurement.
  • Market research is central to sound IT procurement planning and should be conducted and understood by the entire procurement project team.
  • Strategic procurement planning and sourcing helps the Commonwealth optimize performance, minimize price, increase achievement of socio-economic acquisition goals, evaluate total life cycle management costs, improve supplier access to business opportunities, and increase the value of each IT dollar.
  • VITA may have an existing mandatory-use or optional-use statewide contract that would serve your IT procurement need. Agencies subject to VITA's IT procurement authority must determine whether one is available as a first step in the planning process.

In this chapter

11.5 Market research
11.6 Key steps and milestones of IT procurement planning
11.7 Other considerations affecting the IT procurement planning process

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