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Chapter 24 - Requests for Proposals and Competitive Negotiations

24.5 Preparing an RFP

24.5.4 Preparation instructions for presentations/demonstrations/site visits

VITA highly recommends that demonstrations, presentations, testing or pilot programs and/or site visits be used in the evaluation process. If they will be evaluated, below are guidelines or instructions which may be included in the RFP, but are not required:

  • Description of the topics the supplier must address and the technical and management factors that must be covered in the demonstration and/or presentation.

  • Statement covering the total amount of time that will be available to each supplier to give their demonstration and/or presentation.

  • Description of limitations on agency and supplier interaction before, during and after the scheduled demonstration, presentation, testing and/or site visit.

  • Statement that the presentation or demonstration will constitute clarifications only.

  • Description and characteristics of the demonstration and/or presentation site.

  • Rules governing the use of presentation media.

  • Anticipated number of participants.

  • Description of the format and content of presentation documentation and their delivery.

  • Testing and/or pilot program requirements including time limits, materials, auditing, etc.

  • Site visit requirements including location, costs, availability, etc.

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