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VITA Supply Chain Management

7325 Beaufont Springs Drive
Richmond, VA 23225

Phone: 804-510-7300


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SCM Staff Contact Information

Supply Chain Management Administration
SCM Policy & Legislation
Kelley Hellams  Policy Manager 804-510-7107
Contract Risk Management
Randy Willett Manager, Contract Risk Management 804-510-7123
Rachel Hoffman Senior Contract Consultant 804-245-7950
Sonja Headley  Senior Contract Analyst (Cloud Compliance Lead) 804-310-2691
Ethan Mundy  Senior Contract Analyst 804-510-7120
Liz Candler Contract Analyst 804-461-6203
Susan Siegfried Senior Contract Analyst 804-510-7109
Leia De La Garza Contract Analyst 804-510-7212
Caitlin Knowles SCM Business Associate 804-510-7298
Strategic Sourcing
Mary Lou Bulger  Acting Deputy Chief, Procurement 804-510-7124
JB Edmonds  Telco Specialist 804-510-7116
Doug Leslie  Strategic Sourcing Consultant 804-510-7115
James MacKenzie  Strategic Sourcing Consultant 804-510-7127
Jeanne Mertens Strategic Sourcing Consultant 804-510-7114
Mike Novak  Strategic Sourcing Consultant 804-510-7126
Greg Scearce  Strategic Sourcing Consultant 804-510-7128
Sarah Hicks  Strategic Sourcing Consultant 804-510-7125 
Evan Davis  Supplier Performance and Data Analyst 804-510-7111
Ann Levy  Software Category Manager  
Larry White  Category Manager  
Diane Horvath  IT Contingent Labor and Professional Services Category Manager  804-418-0472
IT Infrastructure Sourcing
Shabeen Vijayan  Manager, Platform Sourcing 804-968-0104
Matthew Fritzinger  Platform Sourcing Specialist 804-968-0109
Kayla Anderson Platform Sourcing Specialist 804-510-7060
Palak Brahmbhatt Platform Sourcing Analyst 804-510-7361
Supply Chain Services and Operations
Charles Townes  Manager 804-510-7148
Melissa McArthur Procurement Supervisor 804-510-7286
Monica Johnson  Contract/Procurement Officer 804-510-7138
Ute Grzanna SCM Analyst 804-510-7149
Priscilla Poindexter SCM Analyst/Contractor 804-510-7139
Mary Jones Supplier Reporting Analyst 804-510-7143
LaVonn Creighton SCM Analyst 804-510-7150
Carmen Alexander SCM Analyst/Contractor 804-510-7133
Akshitha Paduru SCM Analyst/Contractor 804-968-0113