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COV Technology Roadmaps

Enterprise Architecture Technology Roadmaps

The Enterprise Technical Architecture (ETA) consists of multiple technical domains and topics providing direction, recommendations and requirements for supporting solutions architecture and implementing a successful ETA. Technology roadmaps are a crucial part of the Commonwealth's ETA, and assist with guiding development and support of information systems and technology infrastructure.

The intent for governance of technology versions is simply to prevent last minute version updates and their consequent negative impact on delivering quality information technology that supports our Commonwealth business architecture. In fact, updating to current versions should be a recurring task for agencies and suppliers of Commonwealth information technology services because this will result in increased staff productivity, maintaining reliable security and reducing the costs of legacy maintenance. 

The following roadmaps enable agencies and suppliers to plan more predictable and scheduled updates.  Because assessments are "forecasted" with best available information at the time of a decision, they are subject to change to maintain resilience with changes occurring outside the Commonwealth's control. VITA's robust exceptions process is readily available to account for any unforeseen conflicts that may arise following guidance found in the technology roadmaps. Please use the Archer application to enter an EA exception.

Following are the most current roadmaps available. 

Review our most recent definitions guidance to fully understand each roadmap: