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Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF)

Support for broadband Internet connectivity

ECF will provide support for broadband Internet connectivity to off-campus locations, such as student or library patron homes.

Additionally funds will be available for hotspot, router and modem hardware, as well as connected devices like laptops or tablets. While the FCC has leveraged some of the processes and procedures from E-rate to implement the ECF funds, there will be no FCC-specific competitive bidding mandates (e.g., the FCC Form 470); however, applicants will certify compliance with applicable local, state, and Tribal procurement requirements. As VITA is the IT contracting authority for the Commonwealth of Virginia, its state master contracts are valid for use under the ECF program.

Connected devices (laptops and tablets)

VITA has many contracts valid for use by all Virginia public schools and libraries that include ECF-eligible connected devices such as laptops and tablets, listed here: 

Category 1 services (Data transmission services and/or Internet access)

Below is information on VITA’s popular broadband Internet contracts and VITA's other E-Rate category one services and the information needed for block five on Form 471.

VITA broadband Internet contracts

Contract information page: Broadband services contracts

Please contact VDOE E-Rate support at, or 804-786-9281, if you need additional guidance on VITA state master contracts for ECF.

Below is a list of the suppliers and their SPINs (click on "contract information page" link above for detailed contract information, including supplier contacts):

SupplierContract numberSPIN #
Atlantic Broadband Enterprise, LLC VA-191201-ABEL 143038643
BrightStar Communications, Inc. VA-191201-BCI 143048616
Citizens Telephone Cooperative VA-191201-CTC 143001405 
Comcast Business Communications, LLC VA-191201-CCBC 143003990
Cox Virginia Telcom VA-191201-CXCM 143000013
Crown Castle Fiber VA-191201-CCF 143005274
Eastern Shore of Virginia Broadband Authority (ESVBA) VA-191201-ESVB  143033450
GCR Telecommunications, Inc. VA-191201-GCR 143030799
Granite Telecommunications, LLC VA-191201-GT 143025539
Hughes Network Systems VA-191201-HNS 143005653
IP Access International Inc. VA-191201-IPA none
Lumos Networks, Inc. VA-191201-LN 143003814
Mobile Satellite Tech VA-191201-MST 143030540
RiverStreet Networks VA-191201-RSN 143048599
Shentel Communications LLC VA-191201-SHEN 143033621 
Windstream Services, LLC  VA-191201-WS 143030766

Additional Contracts for Category 1 services (Data transmission services and/or Internet access)

Contract description: VITANet telecommunications & network services (Replacement contracts for COVANET contract with Verizon business)
Form 470 application number: 887320001134227
Allowable contract date: April 22, 2013
Award date: October 28, 2015
Start date: October 28, 2015
End date: October 27, 2022 (Second optional renewal term) Three (3) additional one-year terms are also available.

Category 1 services are provided without minimum service terms. NOTE: VITA will exercise its option to renew these contracts until October 2023 well in advance of the FY 2022 E-Rate filing window.

Description: VITANet – voice, data, video and Internet network services and related, managed equipment; long distance voice services

Supplier Contract number SPIN #
CenturyLink Communications 
(FKA Qwest Communications)
VA-151028-CTL 143001157
Verizon Business Network Services 
(on behalf of MCI Communications)
VA-151028-MCI 143001197

VITA Networking Equipment Contracts

VITA’s networking equipment contracts listed here are state master contracts that are valid for use by all Virginia public bodies, including all public schools and libraries, and including those benefiting from the ECF program.

Each supplier agrees to provide products and services at contract rates to Virginia government entities.

Additional contract details, including points of contact, pricing, etc., are available by clicking on the contract numbers below.

SupplierContract numberManufacturer
Carousel Industries VA-160324-CRSL Aruba, Avaya, Extreme, Juniper
CDW Government LLC VA-160324-CDWG Aerohive, Arista, Aruba, Brocade, Cisco, Extreme, HP, Meraki
Converged Networks VA-160324-CONN Aerohive, Brocade, Mojo
Copper River IT VA-160324-CRIT Arista, Aruba,Forescout, Juniper, Palo Alto
Daly Computers VA-160324-DALY Aerohive, Aruba, Barracuda, Brocade, Cisco, Extreme, Fortinet, HP, Palo Alto, F5
Disys VA-160324-DISY Cisco, Meraki
Eastern Data VA-160324-EDI Aruba, HP, Netgear
Electronic Systems Inc. VA-160324-ELSY Aruba, Brocade, Cisco, HP, Meraki
ePlus Technology Inc. (assigned by ABS Technology) VA-160324-ABST Aerohive, Cisco, Meraki
CodeBlue Technology, LLC VA-160324-INFI Brocade, Palo Alto, Ruckus
Networking Technologies & Support VA-160324-NTS Brocade, Sophos, Xirrus, 7Signal
PCMG VA-160324-PCMG Aruba, Brocade, Cisco, HP, Meraki, Ruckus
Presidio VA-160324-PRNS Aerohive, Cisco, ESI

Note: Products may be delivered and services may be performed after the date of expiration of the contract as long as they are ordered prior to such date. Similarly, all terms and conditions relevant to products and services ordered prior to the data of expiration of the contract remain in full force and effect, including those regarding any support, maintenance and warranties. VITA plans to have replacement networking equipment contracts in place upon expiration of the contracts listed here, but will extend these contracts beyond their current expiration date of October 1, 2021, if warranted.