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Chapter 1 - VITA's Purpose and Scope

1.5 Procurements subject to VITA's IT procurement authority

1.5.3 Acquisition of Information technology including telecommunications goods and services

The provisions of this chapter shall not be construed to hamper the pursuit of the missions of the institutions in instruction and research. Acquisition of computer or telecommunications equipment or services means the purchase, lease, rental, or acquisition in any other manner of any such computer or telecommunications equipment or services.  

Please visit VITA’s website for additional, helpful information about placing orders for IT goods and services: Below is a list of VITA’s statutory offerings: 

Telecommunications goods and services: Refer to: 

Internet and application service providers: Refer to: 

Printers/copiers: Procurement authority for Non-Networked devices is delegated to executive branch agencies for printers which are not networked or shared and whose purchase price is up to $250,000 per order. This means that agencies should order these and other consumables directly through eVA, utilizing an "R" code. Support is not available from VITA for printers ordered under this delegation. Manufacturer's warranty applies. For printers/copiers available through VITA, go to: Once at this site, select “VITA’s IT Goods and Service List (Infrastructure/Non-Infrastructure).” All network attached printers and multifunction printers are under VITA’s authority and should be requested utilizing the VR1 code. A list of choices is provided on the VITA Web site. 

New printers will have a recurring monthly charge to cover service, support, network access and refresh of the devices. VITA will provide pricing via eVA for the applicable monthly charge. 

Document imaging and management: Equipment and services for analog methods of data imaging and retrieval, such as microfilm, are not within VITA’s procurement authority. 

IT management and IT consulting contracts: Pursuant to the procurement authority granted to VITA in § 2.2-2012 of the Code of Virginia to enter into information technology service contracts, VITA has entered a statewide contract for IT consulting and staff augmentation services. Go to: Once at this site, select “IT Contingent Labor” to obtain more information.  

Miscellaneous: Other IT procurements that are within VITA’s procurement authority include: 

  • Geographic Information Systems services (GIS) systems and equipment; 
  • IT goods and services that support public broadcasting, radio/TV broadcast equipment (i.e., one-way transmission) 
  • IT-based badging systems 
  • 2-way satellite equipment
  • Equipment needed to create, edit, and/or broadcast audio/video programming 
  • Digital x-ray equipment 
  • Online research or educational material (standard “off the shelf” delivery of static information without customized or interactive functionality) such as: electronic magazines; electronic databases – Lexis/Nexis, Westlaw, Solinet; and electronic textbooks or reference materials 

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