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Chapter 1 - VITA's Purpose and Scope

1.3 Delegated IT procurement authority for executive branch agencies and institutions

Executive branch agencies do not have the authority to procure IT on their own behalf over $250,000, unless such authority is explicitly delegated to them by VITA. When an agency is given delegated authority from VITA for any IT procurement the agency is required to follow the VPPA and VITA's procurement policies, standards and guidelines in conducting the procurement.

If an agency intentionally fails to follow VITA's procurement policies and guidelines when conducting a delegated procurement, Sections H and I of §2.2-2012 of the Code of Virginia may apply:

  1. The Comptroller shall not issue any warrant upon any voucher issued by a state agency covering the purchase of any information technology when such purchases are made in violation of any provision of this chapter or the Virginia Public Procurement Act (§ 2.2-4300 et seq.).

  2. Intentional violations of centralized purchasing requirements for information technology pursuant to this chapter by an executive branch agency, continued after notice from the Governor to desist, shall constitute malfeasance in office and shall subject the officer responsible for the violation to suspension or removal from office, as may be provided in law in other cases of malfeasance.

Use of VITA’s statewide contracts is mandatory for the acquisition of all IT goods and services. If there is not a VITA statewide contract available for the needed IT good or service, a competitive procurement will be conducted. To browse VITA’s statewide contracts, go to:  

Agencies have varying delegated authority for IT goods and services depending on if they are out of scope or in scope to VITA. These delegation thresholds are provided in the Authority and Delegation policy found at this webpage location: 

IT procurement requests and orders shall not be split to circumvent delegation limits. For a list of in- scope and out of scope IT goods and services go to: Once at this site, select “VITA’s IT Goods and Services List (Infrastructure/Non-Infrastructure).” In-scope goods and services are those identified in the above list by a “Y” in the “In- Scope to VITA” column. Items with an “N” in the column are defined as “Out of Scope to VITA”. IT procurement requests exceeding delegated authority will require a “V” code in the PO Category field in eVA to route the request to VITA to ensure a proper procurement. 

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