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Chapter 1 - VITA's Purpose and Scope

1.5 Procurements subject to VITA's IT procurement authority

1.5.2 Purchase of personal computers

2.2-2012(D) of the Code of Virginia states that if VITA, or any agency authorized by VITA, elects to procure personal computers and related peripheral equipment under a blanket purchasing arrangement, which public bodies as defined in § 2.2-4301 may use, such goods may be purchased following competitive procurement, but without the conduct of an individual procurement by or for the using agency. Such procurement shall establish performance-based specifications emphasizing performance criteria including price, quality, and delivery without regard to "brand name." All vendors meeting the Commonwealth's performance requirements shall be afforded the opportunity to compete for such contracts.§ 2.2-2012(D) of the Code of Virginia provides that VITA may establish contracts for the purchase of personal computers and related devices by licensed teachers employed in a full- time teaching capacity in Virginia public schools or in state educational facilities for use outside the classroom. The computers and related devices shall not be purchased with public funds, but shall be paid for and owned by teachers individually provided that no more than one such computer and related device per year shall be so purchased. VITA has developed processes for ordering and tracking the purchase of personal computers and related devices by public school teachers. VITA will provide assistance with the resolution of customer (teacher) complaints and contract issues. VITA will negotiate modifications to existing PC contracts, if necessary, or establish new PC contracts as needed to provide for the use of PC contracts by licensed public school teachers. Further information can be found at this website location: Teacher PC Purchase Program.

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