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Cellular Services & End User Support


VITA provides wireless telephone service throughout the Commonwealth. This service includes local and nationwide service plans and end user support both through VITA and the contractor.

Service options

VITA's cellular services offer the following key features and benefits:

  • Plan options with multiple cellular service providers
  • Virginia and DC as the local home area
  • Plans that include no long distance or roaming fees
  • A variety of equipment choices
  • No cost phones and low cost Smartphone options
  • VITA reconciliation and consolidated billing (Voice, Data and Wireless on a single bill)
  • All plans include: Basic Voice Mail; Caller ID; 3-way Calling; Call Forwarding; Call Waiting

Included Service Features

The following features are available for the user:

Call Waiting: Call Waiting lets you take another call while you're on the phone. It also lets you decide either to answer an incoming call or let it forward to the number you've selected.

Call Forwarding: With Call Forwarding, you're never out of touch, because your cell calls can be directed to wherever you are.

Three-Way Calling: Three-Way Calling lets you talk with two people at once.

Voice Mail: Voice Mail answers calls when you can't. When you're on the line or away from the phone, callers can leave you a message after hearing your personal greeting.

Caller ID: Caller ID lets you know who's calling before you answer. The phone number of the person calling will appear right on your cellular phone.

Voice-activated Dialing: A feature on only selected phones that permits you to dial numbers by calling them out to your cellular phone, instead of dialing them manually. This feature is particularly convenient for making calls from your vehicle while driving.

Broken, Damaged, Lost or Stolen Phones

VITA does not become involved in handling functional problems related to a cell phone device or other accessories. Users must call the state account representative who will provide instructions for replacing broken or damaged equipment. Find the account representatives for statewide cellular contracts here.

If a cell phone has been lost, stolen or must be replaced, a TSR must be submitted to VITA to removae the lost or stolen phone from service and a replacement phone and new number will be issued as coordinated with the cellular contract provider.

For more information

For ordering information or service problems, contact the VITA Customer Care Center (VCCC) at 866-637-8482.