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Cloud Workload Optimization Service

Workload optimization allows an application or group of applications the ability to leverage the underlying hardware and infrastructure layers to achieve peak performance. Cloud optimization is the process of correctly assigning and selecting the proper resources for an application or workload.

VITA requires the use of this service to ensure that business-critical applications get the resources they need to perform, automatically. VITA is not recommending a lift and shift strategy for the public cloud services rollout. (Lift and shift is a cloud migration approach that moves an application or operation between environments without redesigning or refactoring the workload.) As mandated by Executive Order 19, agencies will need to have all existing physical workloads migrated to the private cloud as an initial step prior to migrating that workload to the VITA-provided public cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and/or Microsoft Azure services. This service will benefit agencies as it allows them to capture the necessary information in order to document that the workload is being migrated to the most cost-effective option required to support that workload.

Frequently asked questions about this service can found at Cloud Services FAQs.